Jersey's #1 Riceball​

Eat My Balls is the newest truck to hit the Jersey food scene, with an old-school gangster-style motif and a no-nonsense motto, serving up a one-of-a-kind variety of authentic homemade riceballs....arancini...risotto balls....whatever you want to call 'em just don't break'a ma balls! 

Growing up in an Italian family, cooking was always at the forefront of the household, where Eat My Balls founder, Cynthia Pittari quickly gained a reputation in the kitchen and appreciation for the art of authentic Italian cooking. Through many recipes handed down from generation to generation, Cynthia always had a knack for the craft and wanted to do something more with it, beyond her own kitchen for as long as she could remember.

In the fall of 2015, that dream came to fruition and the the EAT MY BALLS NJ Food Truck was born. Specializing in Sicilian Arancini (Rice balls), a traditional family that had the neighbors, friends and family knocking on the door whenever word got out that Cynthia was making them.  

Eat My Balls NJ Food Truck is the newest and most-talked about truck to hit the NJ food scene with an innocent tongue-and-cheek approach, a no-nonsense gangster style motif and an infamous Italian motto of "Don't Break'a My Balls." They have been turning a lot of heads, taking a lot of orders and getting an overwhelming response of support!

Not only does the gourmet food truck specialize in authentic homemade Sicilian rice balls but they took it to the next level and also serve up a variety of sizes, stuffed with different flavors to please any palette, like "The Soprano Ball" (sausage-pepper-onions), "The Great Ball of Fire" (spicy buffalo-chicken and blue cheese) and the "That's Amore" (pizza balls). 

The Eat My Balls Food Truck is based in Bergen County and serves all of NJ through private catering, events, street fairs and festivals.